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Antoine 7-piece Rectangular Glass Top Dining Set Chrome

SKU 107871-S7
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Transform your dining area with our captivating 7-piece dining set, seamlessly blending modern elegance and transitional charm. The meticulously designed dining table features a black tempered glass top embraced by a polished stainless steel frame. Circular base legs perch on silver tiered bases, crafting an enchanting silhouette. Coupled with regal dining chairs, the radiant table becomes the centerpiece, emanating enduring style. Chairs boast curves, oval seat backs, and creamy white upholstery, juxtaposed against polished stainless steel frames for striking contrast. Elevate your space into an eloquent blend of timeless sophistication and contemporary allure.

* Discover the allure of our 7-piece dining set, a captivating fusion of modern elegance and transitional charm
* At the heart of this set lies a meticulously designed dining table, showcasing a luxurious black tempered glass top embraced gracefully by a meticulously polished stainless steel frame
* The circular base legs delicately perch upon silver tiered bases, meticulously crafting an enchanting and truly unforgettable silhouette
* The dining chairs, exuding a regal yet refreshingly modern vibe, boast elegant curves, oval seat backs, and are luxuriously cocooned in creamy white upholstery, creating a stunning contrast against the backdrop of polished stainless steel frames
* Witness the transformation of your dining area into an eloquent blend of peerless sophistication and captivating contemporary allure


Height 30
Width 42
Length 94.5